Spa & Pool Electrical

Spa & Pool Electrical in Las VegasFrom new pool or spa construction to renovations on an older pool or spa, we supply outstanding services for all of your electrical solutions and needs, delivering swift service provided by licensed electricians. All of the work, which is checked for proper functionality and safety, is guaranteed. Our technicians ensure that all electrical work is performed up to standard swimming pool and spa codes for your locality. Please contact us if you need pool or spa hook up, in-ground pool wiring, pool or spa lighting, or above-ground pool wiring.

Spa & Pool Electrical Needs in Las Vegas

Four basic functions related to the proper performance and maintenance of your pool or spa require the use of electricity. They include heating, filtering, circulation (including spa jets), and lighting. A simple flaw in the wiring can prevent one or all of these capabilities from working properly, rendering your pool or spa completely useless. Since faulty work can lead to dangerous situations, it is best to hire experienced professionals to complete all of your spa & pool electrical needs.

What Type of Spa & Pool Electrical Services Do We Supply?

Whether you have a spa, a pool, or both, our qualified electricians are licensed to complete each of the following services:

  • Systems installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tighting repairs
  • Wiring repairs
  • Lighting installations
  • Fuse panel installation, upgrades, and replacements
  • Circuit breaker installation, replacement, or upgrade
  • Timer installation, repair, or upgrade

What Can You Expect with Spa & Pool Electrical Services

No matter what type of electrical service you are in need of for your spa or pool set up, you can expect our licensed professionals to complete a full examination of your hookup along with the entire wiring schematic in order to fully assess the situation. Once our experienced electricians pinpoint the problem, they can fill you in on exactly what needs to be done. When new installations, our techs can create a pool or spa wiring diagram design that lays out the plan for you.