Smart System Installation

Smart System Installation in Las VegasSmart system installations simplify your life since they make it possible to complete so many different tasks from a single location through the use of a remote control device. This type of technology transforms ordinary usage of appliances and electronics to “smart home” capabilities, enabling you to enjoy the comforts of your home with efficiency and ease.

What to Expect with a Smart System Installation

This type of installation puts into place a single system that enables a multiplicity of house-related tasks through the control of a button accessible by keypad, touchpad, or a remote device. Smart system installations involve daily activity while you are residing at home to maintaining the safety of your home while you are away on vacation, a weekend getaway, or a business trip.

Customer satisfaction, affordability, and quality craftsmanship are all part of your smart system installation package. Your smart system installation will allow you to make use of your home for the ultimate in comfort, turning devices on and off so that they are ready when you arrive home or enter a room to use them. We can provide everything from entry level models that simply tie all of your existing lighting needs together with your heating and cooling systems to more advanced systems involving touchpads mounted on the wall that control multiple smart system capabilities for each room of the building as well as the exterior.

Features of a Smart System Installation

Your smart system installation can include some or all of the following areas of your home or business:

  • Lighting: Turn the lights on and off, dimmer switches, remote-controlled lighting needs for interior and exterior areas of the home
  • Temperature: turn the temperature up or down on your cooling/heating system, computerized thermostats
  • Comfort: motorized window shades,
  • Security and Vehicle detection: burglar alarms, security cameras, remote-control door locks, video cameras, motion detectors
  • Appliances: pressure sensors set up in the refrigerator to tell you when you need to shop for groceries, turning the oven on or off, turning the dishwasher on or off
  • Entertainment: home theaters, sound systems, AM/FM radio, Cable TV, Blu-ray, plasma screens, laser lights, projector screens, LED TV, LCD TV, HD network players, DVD players, VCRs, media servers, video displays, speakers, subwoofers, multi-channel surround sound systems, in-wall speakers, floor standing speakers,
  • System status: tie your smart system into a smart device, ability to check on the functionality of your smart system, being notified that a light bulb is about to need replacement
  • Swimming pool and spa: remote-control to change the water temperature for the pool or spa, automated cleaning and circulation
  • Phone system: voice messaging, automated dialing
  • Wake up: alarms, lighting, temperature settings, automated blinds and curtains