Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting Installation in Las Vegas

Recessed Lighting Installation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Commercial Electrical – Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting solutions for commercial buildings are available in a wide assortment of styles that offer energy efficiency and high performance. Of course, three basic types of recessed lighting are sold today – standard voltage, low voltage, and solar.

Standard voltage offers a simple design that requires little maintenance once it has been installed. All you ever need to do is replace the light bulb when it no longer works. This is the most popular style of recessed lighting available today. Standard voltage fixtures are sold in a varied assortment of sizes, so they can be used in almost any location within your commercial building.

Low voltage fixtures only use a range of 12 to 24 volts. Therefore, their installation includes a transformer that reduces the standard voltage of 120 volts found currently produced by most electrical setups. Low voltage recessed lighting is also popular, particularly because of the wide selection of styles that are currently being sold. However, while the installation costs are only slightly more expensive that those incurred with standard voltage installations, the cost to maintain and repair this style is expensive.

Solar recessed lighting fixtures have the most difficult and costly installation process. A hole must be cut into the roof of your commercial building in order to place the required reflector globe that contains the reflective tubes that create your source of light. While you might save money on your lighting costs, this style of recessed lighting can only function when the sun is out.

Recessed Can Lighting

Offering a clean appearance for the lighting system in your place of work, recessed can lighting fixtures are fitted flush into the ceilings. Unlike the earlier versions of can lighting, newer styles offer greater efficiency. The seals used when installing them create an air-tight design that prevents heated/cooled air from leaking out of the room into the attic.

Insulation Contact Ratings for Recessed Lighting Solutions

In order to avoid a fire hazard, recessed lighting fixtures have an IC (Insulation Contact) rating that lets you know they do not pose any hazard related to the heat they emit. The IC rating lets the electrician know that the fixture can be installed safely into the ceiling. Some styles even come with thermal switches designed to reset the lighting fixture under certain circumstances.

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