Outlet Additions

Outlet AdditionsAll electrical work should be completed by licensed individuals with the expertise to do so safely. Despite the unobtrusive appearance of an outlet, its small size should not dissuade you from hiring an experienced electrician to install it. Outlet additions are an important facet of your overall electrical system, and therefore, their safe installation is of paramount importance.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrician to Install Outlet Additions?

Only a licensed professional should be given the task of dealing with any electrical installation whatsoever. Experienced electricians can safely install outlet additions, identifying the best locations to avoid unnecessary messes. They perform all work according to local codes and ordinances, while also ensuring that all work is perfectly safe and all installed outlets function properly.

It’s important to understand that a limited number of outlets can be connected to a single circuit. This is information that a licensed electrician will have available. Additionally, an experienced professional will first check to ensure that the circuit is functioning properly prior to installing outlet additions that could stress the existing circuit. Moreover, special precautions must be taken when outlet additions are to be installed near water, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. The outlet must be GFCI protected, something that a licensed professional can handle.

Why Bother With Outlet Additions When Extension Cords Can Do the Job for You?

No two styles of extension cords are alike. That being said, no two types of extension cords can offer you the exact same measure of safety, if they even offer safety at all. Having a licensed electrician install outlet additions is safer and more feasible than simply relying on extension cords to meet all of your electrical outlet needs. You don’t need to worry about tripping or unsightly messes when you arrange for the installation of new outlet additions versus continuing to use extension cords.

The Importance of Installing Childproof Outlets

The natural curiosity of children leads them to stick quite a few objects into electrical outlets each year. If you are arranging to have new outlets installed and you have small children or grandchildren, you may also want to consider the safety feature of installing childproof outlets in your home.