Electric Car Charging Station

Electric Car Charging Station in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Electric Car Charging Station

It’s time to plug in and recharge your automobile! Avoid warranty issues and hire a licensed electrician to install your electric car charging station in your home professionally and responsibly. After all, your electric car is more than just a vehicle; it’s an investment!

The Basic Facts Regarding Electric Car Charging Station Installation

The purchase of an electric vehicle (EV) brings with it the need to have an electric car charging station installed at your home. Since a variety of these devices is available, it is important to ensure that you have the proper type scheduled for installation within your home. In fact, many electrical car manufacturers require customers to hire a licensed and certified electrician to install their charging station or the company will void the warranty for the vehicle.

The National Electric Code (NEC) specifies two separate charging levels for use in residential locations as well as a third version that has been designed for commercial use only. The type of station that you need depends on the model of EV that you have purchased.

Level 1 Electric Car Charging Station Installation

Level 1 (residential use) setup features a 120V 20 AMP grounded outlet featuring 12 ampe current. This version provides a dedicated 120V, single-phase circuit with a 20-Amp grounded outlet featuring a three-prong plugin. With this level, the vehicle uses its on-board charging station, so there’s no need to install one. Nonetheless, you should hire a professional electrician to complete the installation for you.

A 120V 20 AMP grounded outlet doesn’t draw a great deal of power, so it doesn’t place a drain on your existing power service. However, with this type of setup, your vehicle takes between eight and fourteen hours to become fully charged.

Level 2 Electric Car Charging Station Installation

A Level 2 (residential use) setup features a 220V 40 AMP grounded outlet featuring 32 ampe current. This version uses a charging station, providing more power so your vehicle takes between four and six hours to fully charge. It requires a dedicated 220V single phase grounded separate circuit that is used to provide the power to your charging station. While it does draw more power than a level-1 setup, it doesn’t overtax your power supply.

Electric Car Charging Station Installation Completed by a Certified Las Vegas Electrician

Your electrician needs to assess your home’s electrical infrastructure, ensuring the location you have selected is optimal for the job. He will discuss the mounting options with you as well as any special installation concerns that he has.

An electrical permit is required, and your electrician can assist you with that aspect of the installation. He will also ensure that you are requesting the proper level for your EV charging needs.