Ceiling Fans

Las Vegas Ceiling Fan Installation

The installation of ceiling fans in your home or business is a great way to improve your indoor air environment, while enhancing the energy efficiency of your cooling and heating systems. Circulated air provides a change in air flow that alters the temperature in the room, enabling you to adjust your thermostat setting, while saving you money. While it is true that the use of ceiling fans doesn’t actually change the overall interior temperature of your home, it does mix the air so that the room temperature is more evenly circulated, eliminating hot or cold spots throughout the area.

The Benefits of Installing Ceiling Fans

The installation of ceiling fans in your home or business provides the following positive repercussions:

  • Decrease in overall energy consumption
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Improved dehumidifying capabilities
  • Greater air circulation
  • More comfortable living environment

What to Expect with Your Ceiling Fan Installation

Our team of trained electricians delivers flawless ceiling fan installation that includes proper cleanup of the debris. The installation of a ceiling fan includes new wiring, brace box rated for ceiling fans, and switches. All work is guaranteed.

Our team of experienced electricians can also hang a new ceiling fan on a preinstalled brace box that has been properly rated. The operational functionality is checked along with a safety check that verifies the proper working ability. When necessary, the existing brace box is replaced along with any wiring that is deemed unsafe in order to eliminate the threat of overheating and fire issues.

Ceiling Fan Services

Your ceiling fan installation includes a thorough check to prevent certain dangers including low-lying blades, wobbling, safety issue related to potential ceiling collapse, and energy inefficiency. Our skilled electricians can replace broken ceiling fans, update existing styles, or complete the installation of an entirely new system. Our licensed electricians deliver superior workmanship during each and every installation.

Ceiling Fan Models

A wide variety of ceiling fans are available today, offering consumers options that can meet their particular requirements or tastes. Some of the options include:

  • Variable-speed control
  • Digital control
  • Small, medium, and large sizes
  • Variety of finishes
  • Different styles
  • Different number of blades