Cable, Phone & Data Outlets

Installation and/or repair available for Cable, Phone & Data Outlets

Did you know that you can hire a single electrical company to take care of all of your telephone and cable needs? When you hire a fully licensed and insured electrician to install your cable, phone & data outlets, you save yourself the bother of looking up and contracting for two separate individuals to come out to your home or business. When you bring in a licensed electrician, you get the job done correctly the first time, while avoiding having to deal with multiple technicians.

Plus, it makes good financial sense to bring in an experienced electrician to install outlets for your phone, data, and cable needs! The rates are more affordable when you arrange to have these tasks accomplished at the same time. You only pay for one service visit instead of two or three visits. Moreover, your electrician’s van is going to have everything he needs to get the electrical installation completed, so you won’t need a call-back visit to finish up the job.
Floor-Mounted Dual Phone

What Does your Cable, Phone & Data Outlet Installation Involve?

Typically, the installation of cable, phone, and data outlets in your home or business involves the following:

  • A pre-installation survey that determines an appropriate location for each outlet
  • Appropriate outlets (data CAT5e, phone, or cable RG-6) and their installation, including dedicated outlets for your computer, printer, and other household devices as needed
  • Cabling and/or wiring (Coaxial Cable TV wiring, CAT5 Internet wiring, phone wiring) from point of power to the outlets, including connectivity service
  • Wall plates and termination ends
  • Testing of functionality and troubleshooting when necessary (in the event that a short or poor connectivity occurs)

If you want your cable, phone, and data outlets and wiring fully installed behind the walls so that you don’t have to deal with an unsightly mess, just ask your serviceman. It’s definitely possible to have this done without compromising the reliability of your phone, cable, or data connection. Additionally, your electrician can move existing wiring within the walls higher or lower as necessary to accommodate the needs of your new cable, phone, and data outlets.