24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Residential – 24/7 for Emergency Service

At Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc., we understand just how important it is for residential customers to maintain their ability to access their power source, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services, delivering prompt and fast relief for problematic electrical functionality. We provide emergency electrical service for the Las Vegas area and surrounding communities, including North Las Vegas, Anthem, Boulder City, Henderson, Pahrump, and Summerlin. This is in addition to our standard electrical installation, maintenance, repairs, replacement, and upgrade services performed during our regular work hours.

Your Initial Phone Call for Emergency Service

Our customer service representative answers your call promptly so you don’t have to wait for us to call back. After taking down a few important details such as the nature of the problem, your name and address, and your phone number, this individual contacts our on-call residential electrician directly and arranges for him to call you.

Our Residential Electrician’s Call First When Responding to Your Emergency Request

The on-call electrician contacts you as soon as he receives notice of your call and arranges to come out and look at the electrical problem you are having. He arrives in a company truck filled with some of the most commonly used electrical parts, enabling him to fix many electrical issues right away. You can easily identify him by his nametag. If possible, you can provide landmarks that make it easy to find your home.

Handling Commercial Emergency Services

Our licensed electrician, who is on call at the time that you contact us, responds promptly so that he can begin work as quickly as possible. He has the ability to assist you with the issue by troubleshooting the problem and providing immediate repairs whenever possible.

Our residential electricians arrive in fully stocked company vehicles, bringing commonly used electrical components with them. They handle urgent electrical issues in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner, taking care of the problem as quickly and successfully as possible. If the necessary part is not readily available, our electrician will arrange to get it as soon as he can.

If you are looking for speedy 24/7 emergency electrical service in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, please contact us now! We offer professional service quickly, resolving most electrical problems on the same day.

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