Industrial – Switchboards

Here at Las Vegas Electrical Services, our experienced technicians have the knowledge and training to install a wide assortment of switchboards from the simplest styles to the most complicated ones. Each of the switchboards offers safety and maximum standardization. Moreover, they feature flexibility in design so they can readily accommodate the power distribution needs of any industrial facility.

The continuity of your energy supply is critical to the operational functionality of your industrial plant. Downtown is often costly and impinges on your company’s overall profitability. Rather than leaving the constant running of your power supply to chance, you might want to bring in a licensed electrician to install a well-planned switchboard to prevent unnecessary downtime, enhance the safety of your electrical system, and isolate individual circuits to streamline maintenance and repairs.

A poorly designed switchboard leads to the need to isolate the entire switchboard rather than just a single circuit. This scenario can lead to downtime on a greater scale, leading to a bigger loss in productivity. Our electricians can assist you with the installation of a properly designed industrial switchboard as well as with all types of maintenance issues and concerns.

Switchboard Setups

Industrial switchboards contain a varied assortment of necessary components that have been included to provide exceptional functionality and safety. Electrical switchboards typically include each of the following parts:

  • Main circuit breaker
  • Bypass circuit breakers
  • Individual metering on specific circuits
  • Surge protection
  • Emergency power off capability
  • Open door alarm
  • Indicator for available supply
  • Monitoring for phase failure

Types of Industrial Switchboard Designs

Some of the switchboard designs that our electricians have experience installing include:

  • Integrated facility systems
  • Drawout molded case switchboards
  • Quick connect switchboards
  • Commercial metering
  • Roll-up generator termination box
  • Pow-R-Line C switchboards
  • Pow-R-Line i switchboards
  • Instant switchboards
  • Tenant metering systems

Isn’t it time that you discover the ideal solution for your power distribution needs through the installation of a superior electrical switchboard designed for industrial use? Please contact us today to discuss your options for creating a strong foundation for your facility’s power distribution needs. Our skilled electricians service Las Vegas and its surrounding communities.