Stand Alone Generators

Industrial Electrical Stand Alone Generators

Losing power can be disastrous for a business. The company could lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars in unrealized revenue. What you need is a stand alone generator with enough power to provide backup service for your business to keep it running smoothly, while enabling you to meet the demands of your customers. Here, at Las Vegas Electrical Services, our industrial electricians take the need for electricity seriously.

The size of your stand alone generator is contingent upon which pieces of equipment you want to be able to continue running once the regular source of power goes out. Our experienced electricians can assist you in determining which stand alone generator system is going to meet the needs of your industrial business. Moreover, they can guide your selection of a location within your facility for placement of your industrial-size generator.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Getting a Stand Alone Generator?

A stand alone generator is essential if you want to keep your industrial business running during a power outage. It supplies your facility with the power you need to keep it operational so that your facility can continue to meet daily quotas.

Your stand alone generator is designed to transition your industrial facility from its normal power supply to the backup energy that is going to keep your facility operating as normally as possible under the circumstances. It does so through the use of specialized controls that switch your power source from normal to backup. As a result, you never need to worry about a lack of lighting or the loss of power. It kicks on automatically as soon as the power goes off, so you never need to stumble around in the dark searching for a manual control that turns it on and gets the power rolling again.

Blackouts and brownouts are viable possibilities. It’s important to make arrangements just in case they happen during a critical time. Don’t get caught without the power you need to keep your business functioning at normal pace. Acquiring a stand alone generator can give you the peace of mind that you need along with the confidence that your facility will continue to operate even if the lights do go out!

Please contact Las Vegas Electrical Services today to make arrangements for one of our experienced industrial electricians to come in and consult with you regarding the installation of a stand alone generator.