Motor controls and installation

Industrial motor controlsIndustrial – Motor Controls and Installation

Is your industrial company in search of an electrical contractor with the skills to perform the installation of your motor controls? At Las Vegas Electrical Services, our technicians have the training, credentials, and expertise needed to complete exceptional motor control installation, troubleshooting, and repairs.

A variety of factors are involved in the installation and maintenance of your motor control equipment, making it essential to bring in an electrical contractor who is familiar with the necessary procedures to perform this type of work. Our technicians have the advanced skills needed to properly install your equipment. They can assist you in determining the positioning, ground-fault protection, connections, and terminations for your system.

Components of Motor Control Equipment

Your motor control center should contain each of the following components:
• Housing for the motor starter
• Regulating device for the electric motor’s performance
• Proper wiring
• Fused disconnection capability to avoid unnecessary damage due to excessive current

Las Vegas Electrician Skills

Las Vegas Electrical Services provides the following for your motor controls and installation:
• Centralization of your motor controls
• Simplified installation of your control voltage wiring to enable easy expansion as needed
• Simplified installation of your line wiring to enable easy expansion as needed
• Guidance in selecting the proper motor control equipment
• System check to ensure the electric motor and controls are running properly

Installation of Motor Controls

The electricians employed at Las Vegas Electrical Services have the skills needed to complete each of the following tasks:
• Design of motor control installation
• Implementation of an existing design for installation
• Compliance with city, state, and federal standards and ordinances
• Complete installation
• Retrofitting of an existing system
• Extension to an existing motor control center

The Benefits of Centralized Motor Controls and Installation

Some of the benefits your industrial company realizes with a centralized installation of all of your motor controls include:
• Efficiency
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Reduction in time needed to plan expansion
• Streamlined troubleshooting

If you are searching for an electrical contractor with the skills and knowledge needed to properly connect your motor control system installation, please contact Las Vegas Electrical Services today. Our technicians have the experience!