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If you are searching for affordable risk management, now is the time to invest in an infrared inspection with thermal imaging. Infrared inspections can identify electrical problems before they occur, enabling your professional electrician to correct the situation prior to an accident or disastrous occurrence. Not only will this save you money, but it will assist you in keeping your employees safe.

Diagnosing Problems with Infrared Inspections

A thorough infrared inspection can be used to identify hidden electrical problems no matter where they exist in your power system. An infrared inspection can be used to diagnose problematic issues for each of the following components:

  • Power transformers
  • Circuit breaker panels
  • Motor control center
  • Motors
  • Air compressors
  • Cooling system controls
  • Bus connections
  • Boilers

Why Does an Electrician Use Infrared Inspections?

Quite often, an electrician isn’t called in until a problem occurs. At that point, a lot of damage has occurred and the repair work is more expensive. Rather than wait until that happens, use the services of a certified infrared thermographer to have your electrical/mechanical systems thoroughly inspected.

If your inspection identifies a problem, you have the opportunity to get it fixed months before it becomes a serious issue. This gives you the opportunity to have your equipment repaired to like-new condition, or you can have it replaced with entirely new parts. Either way, you get to avoid the hassle of an unscheduled breakdown in your power system.

During your infrared inspection, our professional electrician searches for signs of each of the following problems:

  • Circuit overloading
  • Loose or bad connections
  • Contact wear
  • Misalignment of drive couplings
  • Stress on the fuses
  • Phase imbalances
  • Clogged motors
  • Problematic oil levels for switches
  • Problematic oil levels for transformers
  • Ground loop current flow issues

What to Expect During Your Infrared Inspection?

At the time that our experienced Las Vegas electrician examines your electrical equipment using thermal imaging, you can expect quality work at an affordable price. Your scheduled appointment includes each of the following:

  • Documentation of the inspection process
  • Photo or digital image of any area that needs reparation or replacement
  • An explanation of the probable reason for the problem
  • An explanation of the necessary repairs
  • An appointment for a follow-up visit to checkup on the repairs