DC power wiring

DC Power Wiring InstallationIndustrial – DC Power Wiring

Per NEC (National Electric Code) guidelines, a licensed electrician must install industrial DC (direct current) power wiring and connections. The risk of electrical shock is too great to ignore when the work is completed by an inexperienced individual. In many cases, your facility uses AC current. However, there are instances when you need DC power.

A DC electrical circuit requires a source (where the current enters the circuit) for your DC power. It also includes a return, which is the area where the current leaves or exits the circuit. It also involves a load, which involves the area that exists between the source and the return. Together, all of these components create the complete circuit that is necessary for operational safety.

Our industrial electricians can assist you in determining your DC power wiring needs. They understand the importance of keeping your equipment powered at all times. An electrical interruption can be costly. For proper installation of your DC wiring, please contact us today.

DC Power Wiring Installation

Your DC Power wiring installation will include each of the following components:

  • Power connector
  • Power switch
  • An optional DC power connector
  • An optional DC power switch

DC Power Wiring Circuits

Our industrial electricians have the skills needed to install each of the following types of DC circuits:

  • Series
  • Parallel
  • Combination

Power Wiring

The type of interior wiring needed to power your facility depends upon several different factors, including the size of your building, the type of operational procedures your business conducts, and the purpose behind your enterprise. Your company must take into consideration not only local electrical regulations but national ones as well. Our industrial electricians have up-to-date knowledge regarding necessary codes and ordinances and can assist you in determining your electrical power needs.

If you are in need of DC power wiring, please contact us to have one of our industrial electricians come out to install it for your facility. Our electricians have the knowledge and expertise needed to complete new wiring installations as well as upgrades. They understand the demanding needs that industrial facilities have for their electrical equipment. Please contact us for professional installation of your DC power wiring.