Transfer Switches

Commercial Electrical Transfer Switches

Having your transfer switches safely installed by a licensed electrician gives you the peace of mind that the work has been properly completed. Transfer switches are a required component of having a generator installed for the purposes of providing your business with the power it needs to operate at optimal performance.

Connected to both your utility power and your commercial-sized generator, a transfer switch is needed to provide power to your business during power outages, including brown outs and black outs. As such, it is an important component of your generator, isolating each power source in order to prevent back-feeding, while also enabling a power source for your operational needs. If back-feeding occurs, it could lead to a dangerous power feed, resulting in injury or death to anyone working on utility power lines.

Types of Transfer Switches

Three basic types of transfer switches are available for commercial business use. They include automatic switches, manual switches, and combination (manual/automatic) switches.

Automatic transfer switches provide the unique advantage of transferring the power source automatically between utility power and generator power. Manual transfer switches offer the flexibility of allowing you the option of turning the switch on and off at your discretion. With a combination (manual/automatic) switch, you gain the advantage of both options, making it easy to maintain power to critical pieces of equipment.

Transfer Switch Sizes

The size of your transfer switch is contingent upon several different factors. They include each of the following aspects of your commercial business:
• The size of the utility service that you use
• The size of the generator that you have installed
• The number and type of appliances that you plan to operate

Transfer switches are available in several sizes. They range between 50 and 200 amps. Our experienced electricians can assist you in determining which size is going to perform best for your operational needs.

Transfer switches are sold in a variety of styles. Our commercial electricians can assist you in choosing the correct style for your business needs. Please contact us today to discuss your choice of transfer switch and to schedule an appointment to install one.