Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements ElectricalLas Vegas Tenant Improvements

If you are a building owner who rents out your property, the importance of arranging for tenant improvements should be only too clear. Whether or not your tenant buildings offer elevator functionality or not, electricity is the most important utility within your buildings. Your tenants need quality electrical services for operational utilities including heating, lighting, cooling, and digital services. Without working electricity, your tenants will become disgruntled occupants who continually request the need of your services to rectify malfunctioning aspects of their living environment.

Property Management and Tenant Improvements

When you own property, it is your responsibility to keep up with necessary tenant improvements in order to provide a quality living and working environment for your renting population. Our licensed electricians are fully prepared to assist you in any of the following tenant improvements within the electrical field: lighting needs, access control, power requirements and systems, upgrades, replacements, and new installations.

Adhering to exceptional standards, our electricians are fully trained to assist our clients in identifying electrical design issues before they become a problem. They assist you in the determination of what needs to be accomplished in order to successfully achieve the realization of your full-scale tenant improvement plan. After all, in the landlord-tenant scenario, the needs of both parties must be fully met in order to sustain a cooperative business relationship.

Services Available for Tenant Improvements

Depending on the type of rental property you are managing, you may need to arrange for one or more of the following services:

  • Exit and egress signs and lights, including NEON lighting
  • Landscape, exterior, and poolside lighting
  • Basic electrical wiring
  • Lighting maintenance, lighting repair, track lighting, and floor lighting
  • Service upgrades and electrical troubleshooting
  • Service maintenance, insurance repairs, and code violation repairs
  • Interior lighting installation, track lighting, and dimmer switch controls
  • Under cabinet lighting, low voltage lighting
  • Circuit panel upgrades or replacements and fuse replacements
  • Digital wiring installation, telephone jacks, and computer circuits
  • Security lighting installation
  • Power generator backup installation, sub-panel installation, and isolated circuits
  • Ceiling or attic fan wiring and installation
  • Custom art lighting, custom case lighting, and accent lighting
  • Seasonal needs such as Christmas light wiring
  • Switches, circuits, and CAT-5
  • Hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors