Security Lighting

Las Vegas Security Lighting Installation

While solar lighting may be inexpensive, it does not provide the level of security that you need for your home. Moreover, the light they provide is reliant on sunny days, limiting the availability of your source of illumination. Instead of trusting that such unreliable sources of security lighting can protect your home from invasion while offering a safe path to the home from your car during the evening/nighttime hours, you may want to consider having security lighting installed by a professional. In addition to hardwired fixtures with a constant on-or-off feature connected to an electrical source, you can include those designs set up as motion-sensor lights, providing the best of both worlds to your safety plan.

Considering Security Lighting Installation Purposes

In general, the primary goal is to situate security lighting in locations where they will startle intruders, either scaring them away or giving you enough time to react to their unwanted presence. Improperly placed security lighting invites criminals to your home or business, delivering a clear view of your building. This is one of the reasons why today’s security lighting options no longer include only bright globe lights and huge flood lights. Today, motion-sensor security lighting options are available along with subtle light styling that actually protects your building from invasion.

Strategically Placing Security Lighting Fixtures Outside Your Home or Business

The main ingredient of properly installing security lighting is to locate it in an optimal spot so that it delivers the best advantage for creating a safe environment. Our licensed electricians are knowledgeable about the installation of security lighting and can help you determine the best strategy for your situation.

General Tips for Strategic Security Lighting Placement

Security lighting should be placed in locations that are appealing to intruders – the darkest entrances to your home including doors, windows, and gates.
When installing motion-sensor security lighting, be sure to obtain newer models designed to turn on only when people or larger animals enter the area.
Shrubs and bushes obscure the area where they are located, so security lighting should be located nearby.
Flood lights are great deterrents to intruders and cover a large area, making them quite useful for backyard coverage.
A junction box dedicated specifically to your security lighting, providing you with a single location for troubleshooting in the future when necessary.