Power transformers

Commercial Power TransformersCommercial – Power Transformers

Accommodating the electrical loads needed by your commercial building is readily accomplished when you select the right size and type of power transformer. This fundamental piece of equipment is an essential aspect of your power distribution needs. It delivers the voltage levels required to produce the electrical loads needed throughout your building to keep your equipment running properly.

The installation of your commercial power transformer must comply with NEC (National Electrical Codes) as well as any local or stated ordinances that apply. Contracting a Las Vegas electrician to complete the installation for your place of business ensures that the work will comply with all codes. A licensed electrician should always be hired to complete the installation of your commercial power transformer.

An indoor distribution transformer is mounted separately from the panel board. In some cases, the transformer must be installed in a special vault room that has been designed with fire-rated enclosures. Pad-mounted transformers require outside installation. Therefore, they are weatherproof and tamper resistant.

Types of Commercial Transformers

It is important to understand the differences among the various styles of commercial transformers to ensure that the one installed can meet your company’s needs. Here is a look at several types:

Cast-coil transformers – Using reinforced resin to encapsulate the windings of the transformer, this style is useful in locations where airborne pollutants and/or moisture exist.

Oil-filled transformers – Featuring an oil-filled tank containing insulating mineral oil that is used to encase the windings, this style requires high maintenance in order to sustain its usability.

Ventilated dry-type transformers – Designed with a variety of insulating materials, the ventilated dry-type requires a large clearance space and is ventilated by air. An enclosure protects the windings from damage, while also acting as a safety measure. They are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Nonventilated dry-type transformer – Featuring total enclosure, this style is perfect for use in commercial areas where excessive corrosion and dirt exist.

Sealed dry-type transformers – Offering the flexibility of being installed either indoors or outdoors, this style contains an enclosed tank filled with nitrogen or another type of dielectric gas that has been included for the protection of the windings. This style is particularly useful for commercial businesses that use corrosive materials.

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