Parking lot/street lighting

Commercial – Parking Lot Lighting

An essential aspect in your business, the lights in your parking lot play a multi-functional role. They should provide sufficient illumination for anyone entering or leaving your parking lot during the evening and/or nighttime hours. Moreover, their presence should protect your customers from unnecessary danger, such as tripping over something on the ground.

Your goal should be to create a pleasing light pattern that draws customers to notice your building. Of course, you’ll also want to obtain cost-effective lighting fixtures in order to limit your company’s overhead costs. You have many options to choose from, including standard poles, decorative fixtures, and streamlined styles.

Standard Parking Lot Lighting

The standard lamp version for parking lots lights offers a high pressure sodium lamp or a metal halide lamp. Both of these solutions feature ballasts that must be mounted either directly behind the lamp or right above it. Today’s styles feature compact luminaires with attractive styling and high performance.

Parking Lot Lighting Poles

We offer a wide selection of lighting poles fabricated from steel, aluminum, and fiberglass materials. They are commercial USA grade, custom engineered, and feature superior strength and engineering. We have everything from the standard 25 to 45-foot poles that properly light large parking lot areas to smaller 12 to 16-foot poles designed for lots that take up less space.

Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures

We offer affordable, value-priced lighting fixtures that are UL and CUL listed so that they are suitable for wet and dry locations. Our versatile collection provides high performance illumination and features a durable finish. All parking lot lighting fixtures meet current CSA standards.

Retrofitting Existing Poles with LED Lighting

Your company can save on energy costs when you retrofit your existing parking lot lights with cost-effective LED lighting. Not only is this type of lighting energy-efficient, but it is available in a wide variety of wattages, including 30W, 40W, 50W, 80W, 90W, 100W, and 135W. Each unit provides approximately 100,000 hours of lifespan and comes with a warranty.

When you switch over from standard lamps to LED lights, you can expect to save between 50 and 90% on your energy costs. Each light engine features a five-year warranty. The LED lights, which are precision engineered, are certified as dark-sky friendly.

Las Vegas Parking Lot Lighting Services

Our Las Vegas parking lot lighting services and options include each of the following:
• Parking lot lighting design
• Installation of parking lot lighting poles and lamps
• Maintenance of parking lot lighting and lamps
• Upgrades and retrofits
• LED lighting
• Standard lamps
• Hybrid lighting fixtures
• Solar lighting

Finding affordable parking lot lighting that lowers your overhead costs is an essential aspect of keeping your company moving forward ahead of the competition. Please schedule an appointment today for all of your installation needs.