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Emergency Exit LightingCommercial – Emergency Exit Lighting

In order to provide safety for the employees and visitors of any commercial building, emergency exit lighting is mandated by the locale in which it is located. Moreover, additions and construction that remodels an existing floor-plan layout often necessitates a change in the location of emergency egress lighting. If you have any concerns about the existing emergency exit lighting that you have installed or you are in need of a new installation, please contact us to arrange for one of our licensed electricians to come out and handle it for your business.

Regulations and Codes for Emergency Exit Lighting

Our licensed commercial electricians are knowledgeable of any local codes and regulations regarding emergency exit lighting in each of the communities they service. Moreover, as responsible tradesmen, they are also fully cognizant of the requirements put forth by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).  OSHA promotes safe practices deemed necessary to protect employees who are working on the job.

Requirements for Emergency Exit Lighting

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and OSHA, a business owner must provide safe means of egress. They offer a clear portrayal of each of the following terms:

  • Exit access – the area that leads up to the beginning of the exit
  • Exit – the area that provides a safe method of leaving (exiting) the building
  • Exit discharge – the area that fills in the space between the end of the exit and the beginning of a public area

Each of these terms is important because OSHA has clear specifications for properly lighting the exit area of any commercial building. In particular, the exit route needs to offer sufficient lighting to enable an individual to be able to see clearly, given that he has normal lighting. Moreover, a clearly visible sign labeled with the word “EXIT” must be poised in such a way that it indicates the exact location of the egress.

The NFPA also requires specific methods that must be used to properly illuminate the egress area. Each of the following terms identifies the type of lighting that a commercial business owner must provide for emergency exits.

  • Internal illumination – a light source must be set up inside the commercial building so that the exit access is properly illuminated for visibility.
  • External illumination – a light source must be installed in order to provide a source of light that properly illuminates the exterior of the emergency exit for visibility.

Additionally, the light sources must be independent of external power sources so that they continue to function in the event of a power failure.


Please contact Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc. to have one of our commercial electricians come out and install, repair, or upgrade your emergency exit lighting today.