Electrical Inspections

Electrical Code Violations

Whether you purchased a building with electrical code violations that you were unaware of or you hired an electrician who cut corners, correcting those code violations is essential for your business. Whenever a building undergoes an inspection, a risk always exists that the inspector will discover one or more violations related to your electrical wiring, outlets, switches, and circuitry. In some cases, the violations are due to an oversight on the part of the original electrician, and in other instances, the problems are the result of years of neglect and improper maintenance, leading to faulty, broken, or decaying equipment.
Electricien réparant un tableau électrique
Once an inspector identifies the code violations, an order that dictates the corrections that must be made is issued to the building owner. Fortunately, most electrical code violations can be remedied rather quickly due to the exceptional skills of professionally trained and licensed electricians. Approaching the matter in a timely fashion can help you to avoid additional fines, potential fires, and electrical shocks that injure your personnel.

Problems Associated with Electrical Code Violations

If a building inspection reveals electrical code violations, the business owner is subjected to fines as well as being required to arrange for all violations to be corrected within a specified timeframe. Not only can this process be expensive, but it can also lead to downtime for your business operations as well as unnecessary stress.

Not only do you place your business at risk, but you also endanger the safety of your employees. As you can see, in addition to being a legal issue, it is also an ethical one.

How Are Electrical Code Violations Determined?

The standard by which all electrical wiring work must be completed is determined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which has compiled all of the codes into a book known as the NEC or National Electrical Code. Additionally, only licensed electricians are qualified to complete the majority of work related to electrical wiring projects. A permit must be obtained and the work must be completed according to exact specifications.

Common Electrical Code Violations

A number of electrical codes occur more frequently than other types of problems. They include:
• Lack of GFCI protection
• Insufficient quantity of outlets
• Improper wiring
• Improper breaker sizes on circuits
• Faulty circuitry
• Improperly identified circuits on the panel
• Overloaded circuits
• Overloaded outlets
• Faulty emergency/exit lighting
• Nonfunctioning emergency/exit lighting
• Improperly grounded metal boxes
• Faulty wiring

If you have been notified that your commercial building has electrical code violations, contact us now to arrange for the necessary changes to bring your building up to code.