Electrical equipment installation

Electrical Equipment Installation and Troubleshooting

When your business needs large equipment installation and exceptional machine connectivity, it is time to arrange for the professional services of a licensed electrician. The technicians at Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc. provide a wide variety of electrical equipment installation and maintenance tasks including installation, repairs, maintenance, modifications, and interface necessities for machinery designed by a wide assortment of manufacturers.

Whether you need a fresh installation, a relocation, or troubleshooting and a repair, our electricians are fully capable of keeping your plant in good running order. The optimal functioning of your business is as important to us as it is to your company. Our industry-trained electricians can relocate a process line within your facility or transport it across the country. They can install new lines and modify old ones, ensuring the optimal functioning of your electrical equipment at all times.

Electrical Equipment Services Offered by Las Vegas Electricians

Our professionally trained electricians have the skills to complete each of the following tasks:
• New electrical equipment installation
• Used electrical machinery installation
• Relocation of single pieces of equipment
• Complete relocation of all of your equipment
• Thermal imaging of motors and equipment
• Electrical engineering services for your entire facility or relocation
• Disconnection and reconnection of electrical machinery
• Switchgear installation, removal, and relocation
• Preparation for shipping
• Machinery rigging and transportation
• Dismantling of electrical equipment
• Cleaning of electrical equipment
• Repairing broken or faulty electrical equipment
• Refurbishing of electrical machinery
• Preventative maintenance on all types of electrical machinery

Why Use Las Vegas Electrical Services for Your Electrical Equipment Installation?

Here are just a few of the best reasons why you should use our services for your electrical equipment installation:
• We offer flat-rate pricing for certain types of equipment installation.
• Our professionals are highly skilled and trained in electrical engineering and electronic installation.
• Our electricians are certified and licensed to complete this type of installation.

Industries Served by Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc.

Our staff of highly trained technicians has the skills and experience needed to service all of your large equipment and electrical machinery installations and needs. Their versatile training enables them to serve each of the following industries:
• Automotive
• Clean room
• Food & beverage industries
• High-tech industries
• Injection molding
• Mechanical contracting
• Medical industries
• Metal cutting and fabrication
• Metal stamping companies
• pharmaceuticals
• Power plants
• Trucking

If you want to keep your facility in good running order, please contact us and arrange an appointment to complete the necessary tasks that you require. When your plant needs a trained serviceman to get your business up and running, contact Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc.!