Billboard Lighting System

Billboard Lighting SystemBillboard Lighting System

Modern advances in technology provide several options that can meet your industrial company’s need for a billboard lighting system. Advertising is a critical aspect of any company’s successful growth, and billboards are an essential component of meeting your promotional goals. Your billboard has one purpose – to attract the attention of people who might need your services. Our electricians have the expertise needed to assist you in your selection of a billboard lighting system that is going to be appropriate for your needs.

LED Billboard Lighting Systems

Retrofitting your existing billboard fixture with LED bulbs reduces your energy usage by 50% or more, depending on your existing setup. The long lifespan of LED bulbs also reduces the frequency of maintenance appointments to replace the bulbs. While this is important for all industrial businesses, it is particularly useful for those facilities located in remote places where scheduling occurs less frequently.

Replacing your existing billboard fixture with an entirely new LED lighting system is another option that is more expensive and yet offers the same great benefits of energy savings and fewer repairs and maintenance requirements.

Solar Billboard Lighting Systems

Illuminating a solar billboard from dusk to dawn is less expensive today than in the past. The actual cost is determined by the size of the billboard and the number of hours that you actually run the system. The smaller the size of your solar battery is, the lower the cost to purchase it is. If you only need 8 hours of run time, then your costs are even lower. Today’s solar billboard lighting systems offer exceptional value and convenience, making it possible to properly illuminate your advertising billboard no matter where it is located, including remote stretches of highways.

Each solar billboard lighting system features specialized solar arrays supported by heavy duty steel galvanized poles. Generated power is stored in a master battery that is fully protected through encasement in a specialized box. LED lighting completes the system along with a system controller that can be used to operate your billboard.

Industrial Lighting Audit

Our industrial electricians can perform a lighting audit to determine the best options for your facility. They will evaluate your existing lighting and make recommendations for upgrading to a more efficient billboard lighting system that lowers your billboard lighting costs while also enhancing its reliability and longevity.