North Las Vegas

Serving North Las Vegas with Electrical Services

Servicing business owners and residents in the North Las Vegas area, Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc. delivers quality electrical work that complies with all local ordinances. Offering free quotes and fast service, our company employs the best electricians in the area. With years of experience and training, our electricians are fully licensed with industry credentials that back up their level of expertise. They arrive promptly to provide you with a free quote, begin the task at hand, or take you through the steps needed to complete your electrical project.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Las Vegas Electrical Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work completed by our electricians. Each job is backed by this guarantee, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your work will be completed to your exact specifications.

Here are some of the residential electrical services our North Las Vegas electricians perform on a weekly basis:
• Switches, outlets, and circuits, as well as replacements and repairs
• Service panel installations, repairs, and upgrades
• Appliance installations (washers, stoves, etc.)
• Interior, exterior, and landscape lighting, including LED and solar
• Wiring (new construction) and rewiring (older construction)
• HVAC installation, maintenance, and upgrades
• Ceiling and attic fans
• Home theater setup, including video and audio
• Pools and spas, including lighting and heating
• Phone, data, and cable wiring and outlets
• Security systems

Take a look at a few of the industrial electrical tasks that our North Las Vegas electricians frequently schedule for industrial companies in the area:
• High voltage electrical work
• Electrical inspections
• Phone, data, and cable wiring and outlets
• Industrial equipment installations, repairs, and relocations
• Motor controls, including installations and repairs
• Switchboard installations, repairs, and upgrades
• Interior and exterior lighting, including parking lot lighting
• Emergency/exit lighting
• Security lighting and camera systems, interior and exterior setups
• Stand-alone generator installations, maintenance tasks, and repairs
• DC power wiring

These commercial electrical tasks are commonly completed by our experienced electricians, assisting you in keeping your North Las Vegas business operating smoothly:
• Electrical inspections
• Electrical tenant improvements
• Electrical equipment installations, repairs, relocation, and upgrades
• Generator installations, maintenance tasks, repairs, and upgrades
• Dedicated outlet installations
• Rewiring of older construction and wiring of new construction
• Circuit breaker panel installations, repairs, and upgrades
• Egress lighting (interior and exterior)
• Interior and exterior lighting, including parking lot and street lighting
• Security systems, interior and exterior
• Power circuit extensions
• Phone, data, and cable wiring and outlets
• Power transformers
• Transfer switches (installation, repairs, and upgrades

Our North Las Vegas electricians work hard at what they do, delivering exceptional work at each location whether they are performing an installation, upgrade, replacement, or relocation of your electrical equipment and machinery. Please contact us today for the best team of electricians in North Las Vegas today.

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