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In the Las Vegas area, home theater installations are becoming more popular. They make going to the movies convenient and fun. After all, you get to enjoy movies at home every day of the week! Customizing your home theater is each when you hire an experienced electrician to install all necessary components.


A home theater system installation requires careful planning due to the intricacies of cabling, wiring, and connectivity that must be considered. Unless you are a qualified electrician, you should hire a professional to complete the work for you. Here at Las Vegas Electrical Services, we guarantee all work, ensuring that your installation goes smoothly at every angle of the project.


Dedicated Home Theater Installations


From home theater racks to the equipment you need to see and hear your entertainment, our electricians install it all.


Your electrician handles each of the following aspects of your design and installation:

  • Compatibility among components
  • Low voltage cabling and wiring
  • Surround sound
  • Control systems
  • Video capabilities
  • Optimal performance
  • System tuning
  • Suggestions for media room layout


Motorized shades and special lighting are two of the additional electrical installations you might want to consider when having a home theater installed. Offering convenience and a real movie-theater atmosphere, motorized shades provide that extra element that any home theater needs to look and feel like the real thing. Special lighting effects can enhance the appearance of your theater, while also delivering the kind of convenience that homeowners need in a room of this nature. For added convenience, you might want to consider incorporating remote control devices into your plan.


You might also want to consider the installation of concealed components versus free standing ones. This strategy can optimize your sightlines, streamlining the bulk of your equipment to a less visible presence. For optimal audio and video, bring in a professional electrician with low voltage cabling experience.

Home Theater Maintenance


If you have an existing system that seems to have performance issues, our Las Vegas electricians can give your system a tune up. If that doesn’t resolve the problems for your system, a diagnostic session to look into potential problems is scheduled, allowing our electrical staff to completely debug your system.