Essential Commercial Electric Solutions to Improve Productivity and Income

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Essential Commercial Electric Solutions to Improve Productivity and Income

Essential Commercial Electric Solutions to Improve Productivity and Income

The quality of electric systems in commercial establishments can have a great impact on productivity, efficiency and financial prospects. Commercial electric applications differ vastly from residential systems and it is very important to hire reputed and experienced electrical contractors with the credentials to provide safe, effective and time bound installation, maintenance and repair services.

Greater Demand for Electricity

Generally speaking, commercial establishments are different from residences in terms of equipment set up and load demands. For example, residences usually feature concealed wiring that is located behind walls or in attic crawl spaces. In commercial buildings, cabling and wiring usually runs through ceiling rafters or conduits to facilitate easy access by service personnel. Most residences use either single phase or two phase designs whereas commercial establishments with high voltage requirements use 3 phase systems for higher output and efficient distribution of electricity. The wiring used in offices features a higher level of insulation for greater protection.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical work can relate to anything ranging from installing generators, HVAC systems, security systems, communication systems, energy efficient lighting systems, parking lot lighting to providing troubleshooting services for issues related to electric circuits, repair and replacement services and interpreting electric schematics. Professional commercial electric contractors also conduct energy audits to determine how much electricity is being consumed and which systems require more electricity. Based on the findings, they may offer a list of options for energy efficiency optimization or electricity usage reduction.

Factors to Consider

Systems that run on electricity play a vital role in helping a business function in an efficient manner. Safety and system reliability should be the two most important considerations for selecting a reliable electrical contractor. The electrical contracting company and technicians should understand and comply with the highest standards of safety and quality. National Electrical Code (NEC), the gold standard for electrical safety, has been adopted by building inspection authorities at the local and state levels. Any electrical contractor and technicians you decide to work with should guarantee that the work will be performed in accordance with NEC standards.

Effective Project Management

When it comes to system reliability, the technicians should use high quality equipment and parts so that the electric systems function in a safe manner and for a long duration of time. An effective flow of communication between client and electrical contractor is vital to keeping the project on schedule and within budget. The contractor should demonstrate a thorough understanding of your business and requirements. He should ensure effective management of labor and material in order to complete project within schedule time. Any delay can result in downtime, adversely affecting the company’s performance and growth.

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