Brilliant Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Residential and Commercial Applications

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Brilliant Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Residential and Commercial Applications

Brilliant Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Residential and Commercial Applications
An increasing number of people are choosing outdoor lighting solutions for both decorative and security purposes. Working with an experienced electrical contractor will help you in finding the best design that suits your requirements, budget and personal style preferences.

Day & Night Color surveillance video cameraSecurity

Whether it is residences or commercial establishments, one of the main benefits of using outdoor lights is that they act as a deterrent to intruders and burglars. Thieves who love to move in darkness are less likely to enter your home or business premises when you have bright lights at strategic locations such as entrances, doors and windows, or in the backyard to catch their presence.  Modern security lighting systems feature advanced technology such as motion sensors that sense and alert the presence of humans or large animals.


outdoor loudspeakerLandscape Lighting

The latest outdoor light solutions are available in a wide range of style options that enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. Lights placed along the driveways and steps provide guidance to visitors coming to your home. Light fixtures placed in gardens eliminate the risk of tripping over and enable you to use this space even at night time. Underwater and exterior lighting solutions for spas and pools create a wonderful ambience in which to relax. It takes an accomplished electrician to install these light fixtures in a safe and effective manner. Experienced electricians also advise on the right fixtures to use, for example fiber optic lighting or automated color changing LED lighting systems for pools and spas.

industrialIndustrial Outdoor Requirements
Some industries use their facilities during the night and require industrial grade outdoor lighting solutions to provide a safe environment for their employees. Light fixtures for industrial establishments range from basic fluorescent lights to high pressure sodium fixtures, metal halide fixtures and many more. Apart from this, industries may also require LED bulbs or solar light panels to illuminate their advertising billboards. Along with installing lighting solutions, electrical contractors also provide audit services in which they evaluate the current lighting set up and make recommendations for greater efficiency, reliability and cost savings.

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Commercial Parking Lots
Parking lots for commercial establishments have distinct requirements- they need to provide adequate illumination for customers and staff, prevent the risk of injury and act as a deterrent to intruders. Knowledgeable electricians assist clients select the latest stylish, high performance designs and provide professional installation services with minimum disruption to regular business operations. It is best to work with an experienced electrical contracting company reputed for providing affordable and quality solutions. Las Vegas Electrical Services Inc. is a renowned electrical contracting company offering a wide range of services to communities in Las Vegas, Anthem, Henderson, Boulder City, Summerlin, Pahrump, and North Las Vegas areas. The company employs skilled and licensed electricians who are trained to provide professional electrical services of the highest quality and in compliance with all government regulations. Apart from outdoor lighting solutions, this company provides a comprehensive range of services including inspections, design consultations, assistance in system selection and installation, repairs, replacements, upgrades and maintenance services for clients in the industrial, domestic and commercial sectors. Just set up an appointment to discuss all your electricity needs!


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